Am I the Asshole for not going to my sister's destination wedding since she had a problem with me staying at a different resort.

 I can't handle children for long periods of time. I don't hate them or anything. I just get stressed out being around them.

My sister booked her wedding at an all inclusive in The Dominican Republic that was family friendly. A bunch of her guests will have kids and there will be other kids there.

I said I would go but I would stay at a different, adult only, resort nearby.

This caused an issue because she gets a better deal on her wedding the more guests she has staying at the same resort as her.

She said I had to stay at her resort. I said no thanks. She got my parents involved and they said I needed to suck it up for a week.

Hard pass. I would have to spend the week in my room other than the ceremony. I can blow a few grand on Lego and have a better time than that.

So I'm just not going.

My sister and my parents are upset that I'm choosing my mental health over her wedding. They did not say that. It is just how I feel about the situation.