Am I the Asshole for reporting my roommate’s gf for business fraud?

I (23F) have three roommates (one F, two M). One of my male roommates, Devin, has a gf named Destiny (both fake names) who is probably about 22F. She is not on the lease and there have been no previous incidents.

A couple days ago I got a letter in the mail that was addressed to an LLC that had “destiny” in the name. A quick google search of the LLC showed Destiny’s new online business. I looked up the public business records for the LLC and saw that Destiny used my address as her business address. Again, Destiny is not on the lease. This sounds like business fraud.

I am concerned that if my landlords find out, we will be evicted. My landlord owns at least 80% of the long-term rental properties in my area. If we were evicted and blacklisted, we would not be able to find another place to live.

As far as I can tell, Destiny did not ask a single roommate, including Devin, if this was OK. When I confronted her about it, she seemed very surprised that I found out. She thought business information was private, so we would never know. While some records are private, the person who started the LLC and the addresses used are public information.

All addresses for the LLC use one of two zip codes, both of which are wrong for our city. One is one number off; one is extremely wrong. That raises more red flags for me.

When confronted, she said she used it as a temporary address because she was moving between places and wanted to file before the end of the month for tax reasons. However, based on her reaction, I can’t help but wonder if she was planning on using the address permanently and is only going to change it because I found out. She said she changed the address today.

None of us are OK with her using our address for her business. Devin and Destiny are on vacation, so all our communication has been through text. I am planning on talking to them in person ASAP. Destiny is a nice girl, she might not understand why business fraud is wrong, but I need to protect myself and my roommates from possible legal action. None of us have money for legal counsel. She is either completely oblivious or something is shady.

I filed a report about the false address to our Secretary of State department. I also contacted my landlord and told them what was going on and what I’ve done to stop it to protect me and my roommates. I have not told her or her boyfriend about this. I have saved all documents and evidence.