Am I the Asshole for telling my husband I’m not comfortable driving with our newborn 3hrs every day to take my older stepson to school?

My husband (36M) and I (33F) have been together for 6 years. He has a son (10M) from a previous marriage that goes to school 45mins away from us, right next to his bio-mom’s house. He is with us almost 5 days out of the week so either my husband or I have been driving him to school every day. That’s almost 3 hours back and forth. I asked for him to be moved to a school that’s closest to us, since he spends the majority of the time at our house. My husband and his ex decided that for now it’s best that he goes to the same school because of familiarity, and “maybe next year” he’ll go closer to us. It’s ultimately their decision, not mine.

I am currently pregnant and our baby is due at the very end of December (12/31). I asked my husband if my SS can be taken to school by his bio mom for a month or so after the baby is home so that I don’t have to drive 3 hrs every day with a newborn in the cold and Midwest snow.. especially since winter break is over a week or so after I give birth. To my surprise, I got hit with “Don’t worry, bio-mom and I will figure out the arrangement for OUR son. i get that you will now have a different kid as a priority but I’m sure that if SS was your bio son, you wouldn’t have a problem doing what needs to be done for both kids”.

I am so hurt by that statement. I’ve taken care of my SS as if he was my own since he was 4 and I have never treated him any different. I am on maternity leave until May 2024 so I will be home and my husband works 24hr shifts so he can’t take him on the day that he’s working so that responsibility falls on me. My family lives an hour away so that’s not an option to help with driving or babysitting every day. My husband doesn’t have contact with his family.

So AITA for asking for help after the baby is born for a month or so?

EDIT: his bio mom works 5 days a week, 12 hr shifts. So she’d have to switch her schedule in order to take him to school every day.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your feedback and concurring that I’m not crazy in this situation. I’ve been crying about this thing the entire morning (pregnancy hormones aren’t helping). I’ve read every single comment and the majority of you are correct. It’s a hard pill for me to swallow but I will have to put my foot down. I have a lot to think about and discuss with my husband. But I know one thing for sure is I’m not going to put my baby at risk by driving for such long periods of time. Thank you for caring about me.