Am I the Asshole for telling my sister I would say "I told you so" if she gets cancer?

(sorry for errors, English is not my native language)

I (f27) really enjoy motocross, and although I'm an amateur I spend a lot of my time and money on it. My sister (f31) has always kinda despised the sport. She is always saying that it's dangerous and that I shouldn't be doing it because I will get hurt. Three weeks ago I fell on a jump and broke my ankle and shattered my knee. It is still unsure what kind of recovery I will make, and I was (and still kinda am) mentally in a bad place as well. Like I said, I really love drifting around on my motorcycle and I would be devastated if I can never do it again.

When my sister came to visit me at the hospital, the first thing she said to me was "I told you this would happen."

I was shocked by this, especially because she did not say anything else after that. No empthay or compassion at all, it almost seemed like she was happy to finally be proven right.

Now onto the part where I think I might be the asshole. For context, my sister has been smoking cigarettes for the past 14 years. I have never really said anything bad about it, except for when she asked about it or tried to convince me of the benefits of it. So when she said "I told you so" to me at the hospital, I replied with "nice response, I wil remember it for when you get lung cancer."

She got incredibly upset, called me a bitch and left. I have not spoken to her since, but I have gotten some angry texts from our parents saying that I crossed the line. I don't stand behind what I said because I would never do that to her if she would get lung cancer, but I meant it more as an example to show how insensitive her comment was. AITA?

TLDR; I injured my leg during motocross and my sister said "I told you so", so I said that I would say the same thing to her if she gets cancer for smoking