Am I the Asshole for wanting to live with my father over my mother despite his cheating?

I (19F) grew up with a very one sided family dynamic. I have a great relationship with my father and we have always gotten along with each other. He was way more present in my upbringing than my mother and I overall just prefer being with him. He was always there for me and never prioritized his job over the family. My mother was more focused on her work than being apart of my life and that has really drawn a wedge between us. I don't hate my mom but I don't have nearly as close of a connection with her as I have with my father. Her work was always prioritized over my father and I. It felt like my parents weren't even married.

My mother recently found out that my father has been having an affaire with a co-worker of his for the past 2 months. I had no idea about this so this definitely came as a shock to me. They are getting a divorce and my mother is planning on moving out of our house soon. My mother told me that I should start packing my stuff so that we can move out as soon as she can sign a lease on an apartment. But tbh I don't really want to move out with her and I'd much rather stay with my father. I know what he did was terrible but I still wouldn't really feel at home or comfortable living alone with my mom. I know that if I live with my father he'll continue to support and take care of me like he has been doing unlike my mother.

When I told my mother that I wanted to live with my father, she had a mental breakdown. She started telling me that her father broke up our family and that he broke her and that me choosing him over her is a massive betrayal from me towards her. My mother got really emotional and I felt bad about this all.